Rep the Glow

We're looking for vibrant, skincare-loving content creators, both the aspiring and the experienced, to rep the shop! As a GlowRep, you:

Get exclusive discounts worth at least 50% off on all On the Glow PH products.

Here's the thing: we do not offer free products. We sincerely want our GlowReps to be intentional with their skincare and be genuinely interested in the products we have to offer. Giving out free products never guarantees conversions in sales or site traffic and is too big a risk of loss for our small business; moreover, it tends to encourage clouded reviews and wasteful hoarding. We'd rather give you products at high discount rates in exchange for genuine constructive feedback and thoughtfully created content. 

Pitch in our curation process. 

This means you get a chance to help us choose what products we'll include in our catalog by testing out full-sized samples and sharing your feedback. You get first dibs on new products before launch, the ability to vote your favourites, and share other recommendations. If you love talking skincare, then we want you to join the curation conversation. 

Participate in activities for On the Glow PH.

We'll never ask you to resell our products or recruit people to join. This is no multi-level marketing scheme. We do have, however, the occasional need for models, writers, artists — and who better to employ than people who support the shop? If you want chances to build your content portfolio or repurchase favourites and save some coin while doing it, then join the crew!


Sounds like something you want to do? If your answer is yes, send in your application by filling out this form. The deadline for the first batch of applicants is on Saturday, 5 October 2019. Kindly note that we can only accept a select number of GlowReps at a time so please understand that not all applications will be accepted.

If you've got questions, please send it to or message us on Instagram.